A Shared Journey


Every morning a frigid man with little powder white hair is waiting for me keeping a sharp eye on his old but strong and sturdy Nokia feature phone. A punctual man in Khadi coloured uniform, who probably has one eye on the road from where I come walking and the other on his phone to keep track of time. He is the driver of my office bus and I call him ‘Khan Uncle’. Every day he will wait for me exactly till 7:51 am not a second less nor a second more. The moment its 7:52 am he thrusts the gear and presses the accelerator, and it’s me running and scampering to make it to the bus. Continue reading “A Shared Journey”


Food For “Thought”

Imagine that it’s a weekend and you are at your home or someplace quiet with no one to disturb you and no activity planned for the day. The only noises you hear are the ones made by nature be it the passing of cooling breeze or the chirping of birds. Even amidst this silence and peace have you ever experienced a rush of thoughts or feelings? Imaginary scenes, conversations or day dreams which just fly by in quick succession right in front of your eyes or some ground breaking ideas and innovations that can change the world? This rapid construction and destruction of feelings and thoughts keep us occupied even when we have nothing to do. Continue reading “Food For “Thought””